FIFA Mobile kits for your team!

FIFA Mobile kits for your team!

Ever since its release, FIFA was based around team play, you can never win a match without the help of your team, that’s just logic. Looking back at the older titles it was obvious that something was missing, it was right under our noses but we never release understood what it was, until now. The answer to that seemingly unimportant question is : Kits. That’s right, kits.

You better take a good look at your team before trying to come up with a counterargument, your team may be the best but there’s nothing like decking it all out with a new colorful kit that fits your character just right.

The kits don’t seem to be a big deal at all, in fact they really aren’t as they are purely used for aesthetic reasons and they don’t offer any advantage over the other teams or players. The one thing they do is make you feel great and they do a heck of a good job at it!

Kits can be used when playing at home or away, each kit is different and has very distinctive colors to help disperse confusion regarding the two different teams playing. That of course matters as people enjoy different kits when playing away or at home, the good part is that they finally give us the variety we’ve been asking for for so long!

The only thing I never understood is why guys find me liking FIFA so weird, I know I’m a girl and all but the game is so much fun and the fact that I can use different kits to deck out the style of m team makes me love it even more! Weird as it may sound, this feature of the game helps me relax, it’s like playing The Sims inside the FIFA Mobile universe, only with highly trained football players instead of my poorly made characters which don’t have a dress code whatsoever.

All in all, the kits are a great addition and I’m looking forward to more of them, let’s just hope I won’t have to open crates in order to get them, that wouldn’t be great. Take care! 😀

Kathleen Prather

Junior programmer, living the dream, like most students out there! :)

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